The mission of AACB Ltd. is not only to help the project development companies (General Building Contractors, Architects, Investment Groups) to establish a business whose aim will be to produce pre-cast elements, our main goal is to project, to construct and to implement such pre-cast plant which will be able to produce whole housing estates elements referring to demands of modern architecture.

As per customers wish our Partner – Architecture and Consulting Company Lohmann Architects mit arch-sign architects Dubai is ready to suggest and propose a row of different designs which will be unified and costs orientated produced in the pre-cast plant.

We can make it real to produce different kinds of buildings layouts made of similar pre-cast elements.

Our experience allows us to build a pre-cast plant that will able to meet demands of the modern building industry (villas, towers, shopping malls, etc.) and will be able to produce almost all kinds of concrete elements you will be asked for.

Our company offers the preparation of Business Plan and Feasibility Study for the Pre-Cast Plants as well as for the Hollow Core Plants. Mostly these two kinds of production functions are being united in one plant to optimize the costs and widen production possibilities.

Our services have been divided into three stages:
1. Preparation stage
2. Implementation Stage
3. Construction Stage

1. Preparation Stage.

1.1. Preparation of Business Plan and Feasibility Study for the pre-cast and Hollow Core Plant
1.2. Presentation of the studies to the board\r\n\r\nBUSINESS PLAN
The business plan is needed to determine the profile of a production, the machinery needed, the company organisation and the analysis of the market and its competitors.
– Introduction
– Company
– Market & Products
– Customers and Competitors
– Marketing and Sales Organisation
– Management, Personnel and Plant Organisation
– Technology and Machinery
– Basic financial data
– Mission Statement & Executive Summary

– Time-Table of Events (Schedule)
– Software Example
– Layout of Precast Plant


The Feasibility Study includes financial statements and forecast, comparison of capital needed and possible profits which should be generated by the plant.
– Investment and other run-up costs
– Planned production quantities
– Cost of machinery and material needed
– Planned Human Resources
– Comparison: monthly costs
– monthly profit
– Product abcd – cost and profit calculations
– Monthly average selling value and fixed monthly costs
– Occupancy calculation
– Planned balances & profits and losses for the next 4 years
– Cash Flows for the next 4 years
– Financial Plan of the investment
– Net initial capital needed incl. calculation for _worst case_

2. Implementation Stage.

2.1 Tendering for machinery and moulds needed;
2.2 Preparation of Documents needed for Company registration which contain:
2.2.1 Certificate of Incorporation.
2.2.2 Board resolution calling to establish a Company.
2.2.3 Obtain of Industrial License
2.2.4 Obtain of Plot Registration
2.3 Obtain of Building Permit
2.3.1 Preparing Environmental Study.
2.3.2 Obtaining Civil Defese NOC
2.3.3 Preparing of Factory Site Plan indicating manufacturing, roads & services areas
2.3.4 Preparing of Layout of the Factory with detailed location of machinery and Moulds needed.
2.3.5 Structural Calculations for buildings, storages and halls
2.3.6 Preparing of general façade layouts, floor plans, site accesses and egresses.
2.4 Construction pre-activities.
2.4.1 Preliminary Construction Estimate.
2.4.2 Tendering for contractor companies for civil and construction works.
2.4.3 Tendering for additional constructions required.
2.4.4 Preparing of final drawings (plans, sections, elevations, details etc.) for halls, buildings and other developments.
2.4.5 MEP, Electrical, Fire Defense Drawings incl. HVAC-, Water Supply-, Drainage Systems- and Loads Calculations
2.4.5 Coordination drawings, verifying and adjusting between MEP, Structure and Architecture.
2.4.6 Assistance by Statutory Approvals.

3. Construction Stage - Site Supervision

3.1 Site supervision during construction activities.
3.1.1 Audit the Contractors monthly progress.
3.1.2 Site Instructions, material-, muck up- and samples approvals.
3.1.3 Monitoring of all site activities to ensure their compliance with the Technical Requirements of the Construction Contract.
3.2 Preparing all necessary documents, forms, formats incl. document circulation schema for the Company.
3.2.1 Preparing all manuals, management systems and safety instruction for all works which will be done in the factory.
3.2.2 Preparing of the maintenance schedulers for all machinery working.
3.2.3 Preparing of all QC Manuals needed.
3.3 Recruitment of managing level – key personal and staff.
3.3.1 Preparing all job descriptions and qualification requirements for management level, staff and labour.
3.3.2 Preparing of the final organizational chart for the whole company.
3.3.3 Interviews and choosing of key personal.
3.3.4 Training for staff and labour
3.4 Project closeout services:
3.4.1 Drawings as built.
3.4.2 Assistance and monitoring of production trials.
3.4.3 Assistance and monitoring of first marketing and sales activities

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